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Disability Accommodations

Disability Accommodations  

Students with disabilities are highly encouraged to talk with Samford Abroad Advisor, Alexis Whiting (, early in the application process. She can talk through program considerations based on activity level, city infrastructure, housing accommodations, and on-site support. All these criteria vary per program type and destination and may help inform students of the program best suited for their needs. 

Students who have a disability that are interested in studying abroad must have a report on file that is that is documented and approved with Disability Resources prior to the commitment deadline for their program. Contact Disability Resources Director, Katy Goodgame ((, to request possible accommodations. Without a report on file with their office, students will not be given accommodations abroad. 

Students already receiving accommodations should inform the Disability Resources Director of their decision to study abroad including where they are wanting to study and the duration of travel. The Director of Disability Resources will be able to talk about considerations relating to specific accommodations.  

It is important to note that the Americans with Disabilities Act is not applied outside of the United States. Students are responsible to disclose any disabilities and plan for their accommodation needs. It may be that accommodations received on campus will not be possible abroad.   

Here are some additional considerations from Diversity Abroad
  • Keep in mind that places abroad may not be as accessible as you are used to. 
  • Remember that people with disabilities may be treated differently than you are accustomed to. Research before you go so you have some idea of what to expect. 
  • Be flexible and think creatively about how you can accommodate your disability abroad.  

Visit Mobility International for additional resources.  

Phone: (205) 726-4078