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Process & Timeline

Step One: Informational & Peer Advising Sessions

  1. Informational Meetings
Attend our informational sessions to learn more about our Daniel House, Faculty-led, Language Affiliate, and Affiliate, and Exchange programs. We’ll provide you with an overview of the programs, application process, and deadlines. View the homepage of for a list of upcoming events and registration links. 
  1. Peer Advisor Sessions
Meet with one of our Peer Advisors. These Samford Abroad alumni are trained by our office to communicate our current offerings, assist you through the application process, and advise you on next steps and scholarships.
Schedule an appointment here.

Step Two: Application

Apply at Step-by-step instructions are available here.
Application requirements include:
  1. $100 Applicant Fee
  2. Signature Documents: Eligibility Requirements, Medical Consent, Passport Agreement, Cancellation & Refund Policy
  3. Faculty Recommendation Letter, Personal Statement, & Academic Advising Form (Daniel House Summer & Semester Program Only)
Your application is not complete until all documents are signed and you click “submit” on your application. By clicking "submit", you are acknowledging that you will be automatically billed the $100 application fee to your Samford financial portal.



Step Three: Evaluation

After students apply for a program, they are evaluated based on criteria that includes eligibility, GPA, class, major, and timestamp of application. Samford in London, Summer and Semester students are also evaluated on their personal statement and recommendation letter.


Step Four: Notification

The office typically notifies students of acceptances 8-10 weeks after applications close.
If a student’s status is listed as “pending”, the Global Engagement Office is still in the process of reviewing applications.
Students will be notified via email once a decision has been made and their status changes from “pending” to either “accepted”, “waitlisted”, or “denied.”
“Accepted” students must login to their application portal at, click “Commit”, and complete the passport questionnaire and signature documents prior to Decision Date. Failure to follow these steps will result in a student being moved to the waitlist.
**The Passport Questionnaire requires that students upload a photocopy of a valid passport. Per the Passport Requirement document that every student signs as part of the application, students who cannot present a valid passport at the time of Decision Date will be moved to the waitlist. Their status will change from “accepted” to “waitlisted.”
“Waitlisted” students will be notified via email if a spot becomes available. Open spots are determined by accepted students who choose not to commit. The Global Engagement Office will not disclose a student’s spot on the waitlist. If a student remains on the waitlist after the Decision Date, they will be refunded their $100 application fee. Please allow a few weeks for these refunds to be processed and issued through the One Stop Office.
Students will only be “denied” if they fail to meet eligibility requirements per the Eligibility Requirements document that they signed in their application.

Step Five: Commitment

Accepted students will be prompted to commit or decline their program offering. Once they do, the status of the application will change from “accepted” to “committed.” If you choose to decline, you will receive a refund of your application fee and be removed from the roster.
Committed students must submit the following materials on their application portal to secure their spot. Failure to complete all required items will result in the student forfeiting their spot on the program.
  • Passport Information
  • Emergency Contact Information
  • Cancellation & Withdraw Policy
  • Daniel House Participation and Housing (Daniel House only)
  • Samford Abroad Flights Policy
  • Travel Itinerary & STEP Enrollment Agreement
  • Waiver, Release, & Indemnification Agreement

Step Six: Orientations & Logistics

  1. Pre-Departure Orientations
Daniel House - May Term:
“You’re Going Abroad! Now What?”
Daniel House Orientations (1-2)
Health & Safety Orientation
Daniel House - Summer & Semester:
“You’re Going Abroad! Now What?”
Samford in London, Summer Orientations (1-2)
Samford in London, Fall Orientations (1-2)
Student Visa Workshop
Health & Safety Orientation

Language Affiliate:
“You’re Going Abroad! Now What?”
World Languages Orientations (1-3)
Health & Safety Orientation
“You’re Going Abroad! Now What?”
Faculty-Led Orientations (1-2)
Health & Safety Orientation
  1. Pre-Departure Materials
There are a number of materials on your application portal that will need completed by the dates determined and communicated by the Global Engagement Office.
Materials: Disability Resources questionnaire, Medical Information questionnaire
Quizzes: Daniel House quiz (Samford in London programs only), Visa quiz (Samford in London, Summer & Semester programs only)
  1. Logistics
You will be responsible for completing all pre-departure materials, communicating flight deviations/connections to our travel agent, registering for your course, applying for your Student Visa (Samford in London, Summer & Semester only), picking up your BBVA card (Daniel House programs only), and more by/at the date designated and communicated by the Global Engagement Office.
*Please do not inquire about the delivery of program logistics such as airfare and course registration before the GEO has sent notifications via your Samford email with instructions and next steps.

Step Seven: Program

Bon voyage!
Please refer to the student manual located on your application portal for more information regarding packing lists, safety procedures, health considerations, and more. Refer to the insurance policy manual on your application portal in the event of injury or illness while abroad.
Upon arrival, students are required to upload a picture of their Visa/Entry Stamp at the port of entry of their host country. 

Step Eight: Re-Entry

Following your return to campus, students will participate in a “Unpacking Your Suitcase: Re-Entry Workshop” where we will reflect on your time abroad, as well as equip you with skills to communicate those experiences to your family, friends, and future employers.