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I am a minority student.

We are so happy you’re considering Samford Abroad! 

The Global Engagement Office is committed to helping you feel prepared for your program abroad. Minority students are encouraged to engage in dialogue with other minority students who have studied abroad prior to departure. Doing so will give students an idea of what to expect. The Office of Diversity is also a great resource for students.  

The following considerations are from Diversity Abroad:  
  • Remember that people abroad have different cultural norms and tend to be less “politically correct” than people in the U.S. 
  • The more you integrate with the culture the less you'll stand out, but your skin, hair, or other features may still attract attention. 
  • Research what kinds of contact and relations your minority group has had in your host country. You may also want to research immigration in general. 
  • Be aware that people may generalize or incorrectly identify your ethnicity. 
  • Learn more about other minority students’ experiences abroad. For example, you can talk to other minority students who have studied abroad or find information online.
  • Build a support network among other study abroad students so that if you do face racial or discriminatory incidents, you'll have support to deal with it. 
  • Be prepared if an incident does arise, but don't go abroad expecting racism or discrimination.