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I am a first-generation student.

We are so happy you’re considering Samford Abroad! 

As a first-generation student, it is important to understand the application and decision process for studying abroad, including how to navigate through that process and, after you are accepted, how to begin preparing for the program itself.  

To browse the best program options for you as it relates to your academic plan, financial resources, and destination preferences,visit or schedule an appointment with the Samford Abroad Advisor, Alexis Whiting.  

There are numerous outside scholarships just for first-generation students interested in studying abroad. The Samford Abroad Advisor can help point you in the right direction. In addition to researching and applying for these scholarships, you may consider asking your academic department and/or the department leading your desired program for additional scholarships. You can also browse our Scholarships tab on the homepage of  

Other first-generation students encourage new applicants to include their family in the application and decision process and as they prepare to embark on their program, providing you with a support system while you are away and when you return home.  

Additional considerations can be found at these links: GoAbroad.comUniversity of South CarolinaI’m First!, SAI Programs, AIFS Abroad (Note: Samford does not send students abroad through any of these providers.)

One Stop Advisor, Dougles Johnson, shares additional considerations for students in need of financial assistance for Samford Abroad.
Click here to view the video in English. Click here to view the video in Spanish.