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I am in a rigorous major.

We are so happy you’re considering Samford Abroad! 

All students should talk with their Academic Advisor prior to completing an application. Planning is an important part of making study abroad a reality, especially for students in rigorous disciplines.  

For students in need of one general education credit or major-specific course, consider a short-term May Term or Summer program. These include Faculty-led, Daniel House, Language Affiliate, and Affiliate Programs. Faculty-led and Daniel House offer major-specific courses as well as a variety of general education credits. Language Affiliate is a great option for students needing to satisfy language requirements over a summer term. Affiliate programs are another great option where students can study a more individualized curriculum that can include major-specific courses and internships.  

 Students looking to study abroad for an entire semester have two options: Daniel House or Affiliate program.  

The Daniel House semester is best suited for students in need of a variety of general education credits, including humanities, social science, and fine arts. Students are especially encouraged to apply for the Daniel House semester program if their area of study matches that of the Samford faculty-in-residence. This opportunity allows students within that major to take a major-specific course under one of their school’s faculty. Students in need of an internship credit are also highly encouraged to apply for the Daniel House semester as this is a requirement for all students. Students whose academic curriculum requires an internship credit, 1-2 general education credits, and a major-specific course should talk with the Samford Abroad Advisor about their next steps.  

Affiliate programs allow students to engage in a more individualized curriculum of which can include major-specific courses and internships along with the possibility for certain general education and language credits. This option also allows students to choose from a variety of destinations that may even allow students to participate in a homestay of which is highly encouraged for language students.  


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