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I have a major health-related concern.

We are so happy you’re considering Samford Abroad! 

Students with major health-related concerns are encouraged to talk with Assistant Director, Jill Fisse, about considerations and insurance. It is likely she will then refer you to other contacts, such as Daniel House Director, program faculty leader, or affiliate staff.  

Students who withdraw prior to a program start date can apply for a Compassionate Withdraw of which is detailed on the Cancellation Policy that all students sign when applying for a program.  

All students studying abroad receive insurance to cover healthcare costs that may be arise during a program. Students are given access to the insurance policy after committing to a program. Students with concerns should talk with Compliance Coordinator, prior to applying to receive up-to-date information on coverage.  

Students with prescription medications must bring enough for the duration of their program. It is important to note that healthcare and prescriptions vary internationally and may not be easy to secure abroad. All prescriptions must be in their original container and carried with a doctor’s note.  

Students with mental health concerns are encouraged to talk with their counselor prior to departure. You may consider meeting with your counselor online during the duration or your program or seeking new assistance provided by a local office in your destination of study. Ongoing counseling may be important for someone with a specific mental health diagnosis. Students who have a mental health issue can contact Disability Resources Director, Katy Goodgame (, to request possible accommodations. Students must have a report on file that is that is documented and approved with Disability Resources prior to the commitment deadline for their program. Without a report on file with their office, students will not be given accommodations abroad. 

Students participating in a Daniel House program can reach out to Daniel House Residence Director, Tom Crosby (, to inquire about local resources near the Daniel House. Faculty-led students can ask their faculty leaders for resources in their destination of study. Language Affiliate and Affiliate students should seek resources from the program’s on-site staff. The insurance provider for Samford Abroad programs has a list of preferred providers in locations that students are studying. The Compliance Coordinator can access that list at any time per a student’s request.  

Students can also reach out to Samford Counseling Services at to schedule online appointments or for additional resources on mental health.  

In addition, students who have a medical condition, or may be unsure if they qualify for disability accommodations are encouraged to meet with Disability Resources. Contact: Disability Resources, 103 Dwight Beeson Hall, 205.726.4078,


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